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the serie

Once upon a time, in an old manor, there was Death, a witch and a guy with a pumpkin head.

Living amongst humans, Malissa, a witch apprentice, Grimm, the future God of Death and PJ, half man, half pumpkin must face a terrible challenge : living with roommates !

Dwells like Teen Spirits is a self published comic ! There is already two book and a special issue : Helliday Special.

Read the comic here !

Want to get your own book ? The shop is here !


the author

Hello ! I'm Meidelev!

I'm a comic book artist and illustrator and I chose to self publish my show to stay close to my community ! I'm a geek and I love fantasy, the characters of the serie were actually NPC I created for a paper Rpg campain !

I'm working on other projects (in french for the moment) : "Extra life café, la BD" and "Le Jeu de la Poupée". If you like what I do, don't hesitate to 

follow me on social networks !

I also work as a free-lance illustrator, you can contact me to ask for commissions or visuals !

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